Hotec Polérteknik ApS supplies craftmanship and experience in all types of polishing of injection molds, pressure diecasting tools and injection-blow molding tools in steel or aluminium of any size.

Hotec Polérteknik's highly skilled staff of 15 people handling up-to-date tools in a 900 squaremetre top level production facility provide extremely precise results at a very short notice.


Hotec Polérteknik Aps

Dunsbjergvej 3

DK-5900 Rudkoebing - Denmark

Phone MainNo.:   +45 6257 2686

Email: polerteknik@polerteknik.dk

CVR: 32 78 50 85

Local Bank: Spar Nord

Registration.no.: 9277 Account: 4585179502

IBAN: DK6692774585179502

BIC- code: SPNODK22

Among our Joint Partners are the following:

Strategic Joint Partners:

Svensk Industrigravyr
Hohenloher Formstruktur GmbH


  • SINEF, Norge
  • DTI, Tribologicentret
  • VTT, Finland
  • Fraunhofer, Tyskland
  • Acreo
  • Force Technology


  • DTU, Institut for Mekanisk Teknologi
  • DTU, Fotonik
  • NTNU, Trondheim
  • University of Halmstad
  • Universität Stuttgart


  • Novo Nordisk
  • Plasto
  • Recon
  • Raufoss Industrial Tools
  • Kaleido Technology
  • Baldur Coatings AS
  • Elos Medtech Microplast
  • Cirp GmbH
  • JJ Kühn
  • Brother, Brother & Sons
  • OPDI Technologies




Tools are costly ... Therefore - to be on the safe side - we add transport protection to the new polished surfaces - and we arrange the transports ourselves.

We pick up goods within 24hrs and deliver at agreed hours keeping a very short delivery time.

We control vehicles in constant transport all over Denmark and in Germany between Flensborg and Munich.