In our line of business we are much aware that only through close and open cooperation we create added value which our customers highly appreciate .

Hotec Polérteknik ApS is quite open about our various processes. By participating in development projects we add knowledge to the company and for the benefit of our customers.

We embrace the customers tasks from start to finish - and a little further if needed. Customers and employees appreciate our modern manucturing facilities, where a well trained and updated staff of people create results for the customers.

Last but not least Hotec Polérteknik ApS works on an expanding technical platform from which we offer a wide variety of solutions to the plastic industry.



1. Business Models


  • Polerteknik offers early consultancy about polishing processes during the product development stage and the mold construction stage.
  • Choice of method
  • Choice of quality concept
  • Process surveillance
  • Documentation
  • Transport

2. Project Management



We handle the complete job and coordinate with the toolmakers of the customer. We coordinate

transport and work in a broad aspect as the project department of the customer who in this way obtain a smooth course of activities with a consistent quality.

3. Know-How and Consultancy



We would prefer if at all possible to be present when our customers develop new products. We are able to pour our knowledge from a fountain of accumulated practical and technological experience.

Polérteknik's knowledge and consultancy may spare our customer valuable problem solving in the following logistics development and manufacturing chain.