Polerteknik continuously aims at actively participating in relevant development projects within our line of business.

A major international network consisting of customers, joint partners, institutes of knowledge and universities contribute positively to the development .

Newest knowledge and technologies are implemented when it is possible to create value for Polerteknik as well as for our customers..





Polerteknik holds years and years of experience combined with the last up-to-date knowledge obtained by participating in strategically chosen development projects.

Our customers benefit from this up-to-date knowledge in the shape of the best consultancy and maximum solution levels for each polishing job.

New processes



Nano Technology is now surfacing.

Polerteknik heads a project which develops an alternative method of glassing the surface. The glassing presents af better, more even and geometrically corret surface finish than tradtional polishing.
The glassed layer may furthermore be removed at a later stage and new material adhered without changing the original geometry of the mold.
The glassing method may be used on existing worn molds. Additionally prototype molds will show considerably longer life time with this new type of surface coating.



The results of Polérteknik's participation in various development projects are now integrated in the outputs offered. .

Clean Room Environment manufacturing is now among other are established for the more demanding jobs.